GADGIE #25: £1.50/trade, 5 ½” x 8”, 28 pgs.

Jun 03, 2011

I might as well admit that I always look forward to getting a new issue of Gadgie from Marv, so this review is going to be pretty biased. As usual, it doesn’t let you down as it’s full of stories from his days as a mischievous youth growing up in the northern town of Guisborough in the ‘80s and other anecdotes which revolve around his current location, Boston, Lincolnshire (which, as many who are familiar with it, know that its roots in the U.K. punk scene are firmly set and have attracted many a rum fellow in the past). There’s also record and zine reviews—as you might expect from a punk fanzine—as well as interviews with Eagle, a local chap who runs “Punk 4 the Homeless” and Roddy of Ploppy Pants zine. Marv is a gifted weaver of stories, and you’d be daft not to pick this up. (Marv, PO Box 93, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7JWEngland)

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