GAD #5: stamps or donation, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 18 pgs.

Nov 16, 2015

GAD reports all the punk news fit to print out of Gadsen, Ala., and there is plenty in this jumbo-sized zine. What you’d expect: reviews of undated punk releases found in thrift shops—The TV Attackers have “Sabbath-worthy riffage” but who knows where they are from—alongside the latest from OFF! and some zine reviews. Good interviews with Skeptic? and the people who made the movie Interplanetary follow. I was expecting a punk-centric grip on shows and records only, but GAD’s vision pans across the larger range of DIY culture, including a piece about a local soap maker and some manga reports, too. Who knew? All this is topped off with a cool piece that digs into the history of punk in Alabama. Well worth the postage. If I ever plan to pass through or end up in Ala., it will be fun as hell to read from the GAD library along the way. –Jim Joyce (PO Box 394, Gadsen, AL 35902)