Gabby Gonzalez Photo Column - Bombón: These ladies will kick your ass. Bombón por vida!

Oct 03, 2015

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This was my first-ever Burger A-Go Go, and I was stoked to finally see Bombón. It was a lady-worship fest. Front woman Angela started it off with her killer high pitch screams along with all the pretty guitar harmonies. Paloma was there on an angry bass that sounded like green slime taking over the earth. Finally, Jerico was super jam packed with her crazy yet super steady beat. They were way in the zone and they oozed of beautiful electric fuzz.

The songs were fast yet sharp and patient for a response. The crowd could not help themselves from stage diving or circling around each other hoedown-style. Everyone loved it, for sure. Everyone was hugging, drinking, and tapping. No fights, no complaints. I could only think to myself, “All I need is nachos and today is already a success.”

All of a sudden, the band spoke out to the audience and said, “Okay, so whoever comes up here and dances their ass off will get a free tape of ours!” First, The Honey Power DJs ran up, then random gangs of much younger girls flocked to the upper stage. Bombón let loose again! When the get-down on stage was over, the three-piece chose the most colorfully dressed participants and congratulated them on being the best dancers ever. Everyone was happy. I fell in love with Bombón that evening, replaying them over and over again in my mind.

Now get this! So a few days after the show I had realized that there was a chance that I had actually played with the group in 2009 at my first show ever at The Vermont House in L.A. Not only that, five bands were covered that night (ladies night) in Paper Magazine somewhere, looking completely wasted and talking about how we love house parties, including Bombón and I. I’m not one hundred percent sure it’s Bombón because there are no names printed of the bands that played that night. It’s just lots of pictures. The night was a blur. I’m pretty damn sure it’s them, though. I own a copy if you want to see. All in all, I’m satisfied! You will be too.

Definitely check out their nifty digital EP “A Date with Bombón,” with my favorite track, “Somebody Told Me” from Ghoulhouse Records—or get the tape off Burger.

Viva la Raza. Bombón por vida!