G-WHIZ: …Hook: LP

G-Whiz is an anomaly. What I mean by that is, it should be a band that is much more well known than it actually is, as it was pumping out catchy-as-fuck, completely solid pop punk records in the very early ‘90s, including splits with Crimpshine, The Lonely Trojans, and a bunch of other releases. This is a re-mastered reissue of one of those releases—their second full length that was only ever released on CD originally, back in 1994. Musically, G-Whiz took its cues from the same songbook as bands like ALL, Big Drill Car, and the Chemical People—catchy, guitar-driven, mid-paced pop punk, often with personal, introspective lyrics. My original copy of this on CD has been long lost, so this vinyl re-issue was a very nice and welcomed surprise. Recommended. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Fair Warning)