G. GREEN: Area Codes: LP

Second LP offered up by Sacramento band G. Green. A contrast to their first LP, Area Codes is more focused and mature, with their signature alt-quirk post-punk sound. Still, it’s sharp, odd, and catchy pop. Area Codes is cleanly recorded—a yin to the yang of their gnarly—albeit hell of a lot more inebriated—live set. Mike’s anxious post-punk guitar sets the tone of each song, sounding slightly off kilter but somehow perfectly balancing each melody, weaving in and out of Andrew’s more distorted rhythms. Both Andrew and Mike sing on this LP, their screechy yelps and hollers are both lighthearted and emotive. The stand out, “Brain Fuck,” is choppy dance punk that sounds a lot like one of my favorite bands, Synthetic ID. “Fake Affair” features drummer Liz on vocals. She’s got a flat, atonal cool girl sound. They also make good use of her voice on backup throughout as well. And “Drugs” is a drunken lazy rock’n’roll song that makes me want to… well… get drunk and party. Well done.­­­­­ 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Mt. St. Mtn, mtstmtn.com)