FUX, THE: I’m on TV: CD

Aug 25, 2006

Just who are The Fux? One song (“Deathmobile”) sounds exactly like the Mentors; I trust that they’ll take that as a compliment, because they do a magnificent job of calling up the bloated spirit of El Duce. But wait! Another song (“Walk Away”) sounds just like The Dead Milkmen—that dorky, lyrically rambling type of song that tells a semi-pointless story. As with the homage to El Duce, they do an admirable job of calling on the spirit of the Milkmen, but that band always struck me as too dorky and semi-pointless for my tastes, so I like to skip over this song a lot. The rest of the record sounds a lot like Fang…but better because while the maturity level is about the same, these guys at least have a true sense of humor about themselves. Aside from doffing the cap to past legends while carving out their own way, what I found made this record acceptable was the total lack of effort on the part of the Fux to take themselves too seriously (the real klunkers on this record seem to be efforts at being too serious). They should do a Mentors tribute, though…

 –Eric Carlson (Valiant Death)

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