FUTURE VIRGINS, THE: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

Ho-ly god-damn sh-it. So much for attending the wake due to the loss of Sexy and here’s a high five to Chattanooga for being so shitty and rat infested, but cheap, that music like The Future Virgins just rolls out of there easy. If you listen close, the Sexy riffs are fungusing all through this. If you listen to this cranked, the fractured-but-whole, smashed-but-clear strike force of The Jack Palance Band (and Horrible Odds) rings real loud. If you take a step back and soak in it, it has the feeling of an unreleased Carrie Nations 7”. A bite of desperation. An ugly cyst that, when it pops, it’s cheap beer. That “Bwwaaaahhh! This is so good I don’t want to explain it” feeling pervades through all five songs on this 7”. Take all those compass coordinates together and they point to one direction: awesome city.

 –todd (Plan-It-X South)