FUTURE VIRGINS: Part II: Words & Sounds: 7"EP

Sep 21, 2007

Good lord. This is what happens when antes are upped, gauntlets are thrown, and duels are won. This is when you hope that punk rock’s a bit more like Buddhism than Christianity; that circle of life shit where if you’re good and die, you rung up on that karmic ladder and come back as a squirrel instead of just going to a place where your living friends never get to hang out with you. Just what the fuck am I talking about? Prior to the Future Virgins, a couple of these dudes were in a kick-ass band called Sexy. Another dude(s) was in The Jack Palance Band. Both super rad bands, well worth checking out, who called it quits. Tears were shed. The first couple of ounces of 40s were poured on the sidewalk before the first sip. Who knew they had the formula for the musical atomic bomb (one that plants trees instead of killing people) in their back pockets? Catchy, smart, innovative, danceable, honest, and penetrating music: encapsulating some of the core reasons this zine exists. And I know this, too: anybody who listens to the Future Virgins wins. 2007 DIY punk rock at its finest.

 –todd (Plan-It-X South)

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