I’m not familiar enough with the Murphy’s Law catalog to know if they ever released a record entitled “Future Idiots,” but this is Scandinavian Fat Wreck kinda music, where it sounds like they spent about four paychecks and a ruby on the drum sound alone, which sounds like a very well-miked basketball, which I can’t stand. I hate to break it to ya, but if you think this is a cool drum sound, there ain’t no “Future” component to the Idiocy, if you huff what the Rev is farting. Only two songs out of eleven are under three minutes in length; two also exceed four minutes. Again, if you think pop punk is constructed around creating three-and-a-half-minute songs, you are not only completely clueless about how the physics of your chosen socio-acoustic milieu operates, but you’ve also severely and repeatedly overestimated your ability to hold the listener’s interest. I fuckin’ hate records like this. However, you all seem like cool guys, so we should hang out some time. BEST SONG: “Stranglehold,” although I admit I did not listen to it. BEST SONG TITLE: “This Isn’t D&D,” although it might as well be. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My local record store won’t buy any CDs that don’t have UPC symbols, so I owe you guys a classy solid. ­

 –Rev. Norb (Pacific Ridge, pacificridgerecord.com)