FUSTY LUGS: 6-song demo: CD-R

Jun 16, 2008

According to the letter that came along with this demo, these six songs were intended to be on an EP called Rock... and a Hard Place and the cover art was gonna be “a cut and paste of hard dicks playing instruments (because dicks are always funny).” So, with a cover letter like that, how could I not listen to the demo? Luckily, these six songs were a pleasant surprise: fast and tight enough to be called hardcore, drunk and funny enough (or I assume they’re funny; I can’t hear the words but the singer sings like he’s cracking himself up) to be called punk. The guitarist and sometimes singer of Cocaine Piñata is in this band (that means something to about five people). He’s the one who wrote the letter. He was also bummed that the Knockout Pills didn’t mention the Fusty Lugs in the interview that ran in Razorcake #15, but the truth is, they did. I didn’t include it in the interview because, when I was transcribing it, I couldn’t quite make the words out. I was thinking, what did he just say? Rusty Shrugs? Busty Hugs? Lusty Tugs? Oh, fuck it. Anyway, I would say there’s something in the water in Tucson that makes for some pretty fucking solid punk rock, but there’s no water in Tucson. It’s a desert. I don’t know what makes the Tucson punk so good, but I’m glad they’re all sending me their demos

 –sean ([email protected])

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