FUSES: Eastern Cities: CD

Jun 29, 2007

In Bladerunner, almost everything was a robot or manmade, but looked real, organic. Shit like eagles and humans weren’t what they seemed. Like Darryl Hannah in a shower curtain dress and new wave haircut, while she’s kicking some serious ass, the Fuses are exciting, sexy, and alluring, but in the back of your brain, there’s the creeping acknowledgement that you’re probably battling and dealing with machines. And I think that sort of tension works really well for the Fuses. That androidal delivery amongst all the shimmer, sheen, and dancehall-of-the-future feel gives ‘em a nice bite, makes them a little tough to figure out, and keeps the mystery going through the entire course of the album. It makes them so much more than merely artsy-fartsy. Good stuff.

 –todd (Shit Sandwich)