FURY, THE, #19: $3, 7” x 8 ½”, 32 pgs.

Jan 23, 2012

Awesome, a new issue of The Fury! Definitely one of my favorite zines out there. The writing is top notch and Mark is one of the few people in zinedom who does cut and paste in a tasteful and artistic way. This issue is more on the personal side of things, but I don’t mind, as this is not some Cometbus knockoff: thoughts on returning back home after extended time away, and how everything has changed, a piece on Providence, RI, Jim Groce, and how things have changed in the realm of punk/hardcore/whatever with the Fireside Bowl as the backdrop. A lot of insight and things to ponder. What’s put forth is universal to anyone who is alive at all today. –M.Avrg (Mark Novotony, 414 E 13th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)