FURIOUS IV: …Is That You?: CD

Jan 29, 2009

This is intricate, energetic, and youthfully exuberant pop-punk spasticity that robustly thumped a whoppin’ dinosaur-sized knot upon my head in thirty seconds flat! It’s all-at-once melodious, mercurial, and frenetically charged like a motherfucker! Furious IV brazenly remind me of One Hit Wonder with snottier, more boyish vocals; and less I hesitate to mention the crunchy rapid-fire rhythms and riffs, stratospheric rocket-fuelled guitar leads, a startling bone-breakin' rumble of bass bombardments, and a thunderously raging display of skull-cracking percussive skillfulness. Indeed, these jubilant and juicy songs are feverishly performed with a fast-paced sense of urgency and the utmost of juvenescent swagger. I only have one valid complaint to lodge: the final detestable tune, “Cop-Out," is a mass-appeal acoustic abomination that sounds uncannily like an MTV Unplugged reject. Next time leave such lackluster musical bilge at home, fellas (I know acoustic-tinged antics like that are popular with the suburban mall-brat punks, but it’s a redundant and over-rated pop-punk cliché that’s been done to death already, gawddamn!). Anyway, other than the aforementioned, Furious IV have frenetically released a stellar first-rate pop-punk classic that’ll constantly be blastin’ from my stereo at all hours of the day and night. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Pointed Finger)

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