FUR CUPS FOR TEETH: Fun Luck You Keep: 2 x CD

Jul 24, 2008

This is a kind of weird arrangement, with two CDs in one case each with half an album’s worth of songs on them. One side is billed as “techno” and the other side as “rock.” I’m not super hot on techno most of the time, so I listened to that side first. The songs were all right but probably more suited to a club full of cute dancing people with brightly colored drinks than one Canadian writer’s quiet bedroom. Surprisingly, I ended up liking the techno side better than the rock side, mostly because the rock side sounds so much like Le Tigre, I would be shocked if they weren’t a direct influence. I like Le Tigre, but I don’t need more than one Le Tigre.

 –jennifer (Heartcore, www.furcupsforteeth.com)