FUR COATS, THE: The League of Extraordinary Octopuses: LP

Sep 24, 2014

If anyone is in need of a musical tonic to add some pep to their step then look no further than Chicago’s The Fur Coats. I woke up on June 12th 2014 in a mysterious funk. Whilst watching my daughter at her swimming lesson that morning I put this album on my iPod and within ten minutes I became aware that my arms and legs were moving involuntarily—not exactly imperceptible to all, but there was some minor flailing going on. I suddenly realized that the music I was listening to was of the infectious power pop kind too impossible to ignore and that there was a clear sense of levity at its core. Immediately, the sun shone, birds sang, and I was smiling as I fully embraced the cheerful quality of The Fur Coats, all of which was topped off with lyrics that were humorous rather than outright funny—always a longer lasting trait in my book. I thank The Fur Coats for giving me back June 12th 2014. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Dirt Cult / Artistic Integrity)