FUNGI GIRLS: Some Easy Magic: CD

Nov 15, 2011

Garage rock with an extra slice of reverb. The feel is psychedelic—surf music made by dudes who live nowhere near a beach—which might be just about right, as these guys come from the middle of Texas. Fungi Girls are not as aggro as some of their Nuggets-punk compatriots like Ty Segall or The Black Lips. With the hazy vocals and Danelectro-sounding guitars, these guys mine the same high energy, slacker side of the spectrum that the Soft Pack reside on. Think a little bit of Slumberland and Mexican Summer mixed in with their In The Red diet. The eleven tracks on here aren’t exactly the model of variety, but they get the job done. All in all, a fine listen whose cool vibe almost screams for you to throw on some Ray Ban sunglasses.

 –Adrian Salas (Hozac, [email protected])