FUNERAL HORSE: Savage Audio Demon: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

I am going into this blind. I’ve never even heard of this band, but this is a slick-looking cassette. What you get is a whole lot of ‘90s-style metal in the vein of bands like Sleep or maybe even Cavity. The vocals are really monotonous and have absolutely no substance but are honestly kind of growing on me the more I listen to this. But still, the songs tend to drag on for too long without really going anywhere. The second song has more of a punk vibe to it, but I get the feeling they are trying to please everybody. The third song “Scatter My Ashes over the Mississippi” is the best, with a less pretentious bar rock feel to it and more of a stoner vibe a la Lord Green or Buzzov*en. But to tell you the truth, nothing about this does anything for me. Even a little bit. Listening to this gives me the same feeling I get when I’m at the occasional show at a bar with a weird lineup, waiting for the band I want to see but the opening band plays for forty-five minutes. If there was any sort of focus to their sound I could see some redeeming qualities, but instead it’s just an endless cycle of unoriginal, uninspired riffs that are out to make everyone happy.

 –Ian Wise (Self-released)