FUNERAL DRESS: Party Political Bullshit: CD

Nov 08, 2006

“Safety pins through my nose/smelly combats around my toes...." Dunno when, dunno where, but somehow garbage like this, which would've elicited open ridicule and probably more than one serious ass-beating for the band twenty years ago, has become the punk rock norm in certain dank corners. It would be one thing if they were some sort of parody band, like Anarchy 6 or Crucial Youth, but these guys, along with all the other parrot punk hordes, appear intent on being living stereotypes, all spikes and crazy color with absolutely no substance whatsoever. I usually don't get all "back in my day" about things, but bands like this make me so glad I grew up when I did 'cause the last thing I would’ve wanted as a kid was to be openly associated with people and bands so intent on flaunting such vapid stupidity and so hell-bent on being the equivalent of a conformist’s Colorforms play set: all plastic and no depth whatsoever.

 –jimmy (SOS)