FUNERAL DRESS: Come on Follow: CD

Nov 08, 2006

The fact that this band has eluded me since the mid-‘80s is no surprise. To see that they have put a large batch of releases from that time to the present shows that punk is too big for one person to understand. So I have to go with what I know. I don’t believe this band is from the UK but definitely not from the states. They play a strong brand of Britpunk and oi that is well studied and played with competence. The thing that puts this band ahead of the pack is their craft of melody that infects the music with the sense of fun. If I still drank at the pub, I would swing my pint of lager with a high salute. If I knew the lyrics like the back of my hand, I would be spitting out while I sang from the bottom of my gut.

 –don (S.O.S.)