FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS: Chemical Bath b/w Raw Dawg, Raw Deal + In My Vacuum: 7”

Feb 27, 2007

The a-side starts out with a chant, sprints into guitar-laden looptey loops, crashes at an intersection, unzips its pants, flops out a horn, goes back to the chant “Chem-i-cal, Chem-i-cal,” pauses again, and blasts for a third and last time. It’s part doses of the Clone Defects, the Tyrades, and the Thirteen Floor Elevators. My tolerance for “experimental rock” is limited, but the Blackouts succeed by the fact that they never forget to continue the “rock” part and keep pushing forward. The b-side is the more typical Functional Blackouts demolition derby. Lots of yellin’. Lots of bashin’. The feeling I get is that these folks would roll up a carpet after a show if there was enough beer to wring out of it, and drink in unhesitating, heavy gulps. Something definitely ain’t right with ‘em and that’s what makes ‘em so damn good.  –todd (Wrench)

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