FUMESTONES: Now at the…Minibar!!: 7" EP

Jun 19, 2007

…copyright lawyers are apparently not working much overtime in Espana, as the title track’s melody swipes heavily from Elvis’ “Burning Love,” whilst “Pamplona” borrows brazenly from some semi-famous ‘60s punk nugget which i can hum but not readily identify. Nice ‘60s garage with plenty of Farfisa; the best song (“Minibar”) is also the most Smugglers-ish, so perhaps that might be written down somewhere if the band is taking notes right now. If this band was playing at the local swillery, i’d almost certainly stay ‘til the end; this record seems okay in the context of a souvenir from the live show, but if there is a compelling reason to purchase it over others of its ilk i remain unaware of it. BEST SONG: “Minibar” BEST OR AT LEAST MOST INTERESTING SONG TITLE: “A Blind’s Nun Thoughts” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: One photo of the dude on the back clearly shows a New York Yankees logo halfway Photoshopped out. Dudes, this is no time for half-measures!

 –norb (Kuriosa)