Jul 03, 2009

Okay, there are two ways to view this. One: this CD isn’t great. These guys are trying hard to rip off Screeching Weasel and, of course, you cannot rip off Screeching Weasel. So, this isn’t the sort of thing I’m going to listen to more than once. But now! On to the potentially uplifting upside! Is the recent resurgence of Ben-Weasel-lite bands actually a positive trend, a harbinger of an increasingly large and powerful pop punk music explosion, so immense that it can afford to have a few of these bands around? For historical precedent, I point you in the direction of eighteen percent of the Mutant Pop catalog! Yes, the Fullertons might be 2009’s Klopecs! If this were a cereal, it’d be Marshmallow Maties (generic Lucky Charms) with half of the maties removed.

 –maddy (Misdated Productions, myspace.com/misdatedskateboards)