FULL OF HELL: Rudiments of Mutilation: CD

Sep 19, 2013

Heavy, powerful, chaotic powerviolencey hardcore, infused with plenty of electronic/noise flourishes that create an overall very unsettling record. To me, this second FOH LP suffers from the same issues that 2011’s Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home did, which is, where a band like Converge has mastered the art of creating flowing, cohesive pieces out of their frenzied approach, FOH still seems somewhat disjointed to me. Like, the ideas are cool, the performances are dead on, and it’s certainly vicious as all hell, but it lacks any feel of real songs, y’know? That said, I know a lot of people really freaked out over this record (and the debut), so perhaps I’m missing something.

 –Dave William (A389)