FULL OF FANCY: Sweet Baby Jesus: LP

Mar 05, 2010

Full Of Fancy’s sound is a cross between The Muffs and Liz Phair. This album has a grand mix of straight-ahead power pop tunes such as “Los Angeles, Louisiana” and “Human Pudding,” to more indie-rock inspired tunes such as “Stone’s Throw” and “Hot Tub.” I love how Erin’s (bassist) and Miranda’s (guitarist) vocals harmonize. My favorite song is “Girls Don’t Cry,” a poignant tune about unrequited love with the sad confessional chorus, “I do I do I do anything you want me to. I do I do I do anything for you.” Full Of Fancy’s song writing palate even ventures into some harder-hitting numbers, thanks to Evan’s pounding drums on the track “Mikey Says.” There’s not a bad song out of the batch of twelve tracks here.

 –N.L. Dewart (No Breaks)