FULL OF FANCY: Liquid Nature: 10”

I can’t be the only one who remembers Cub and Buck; who appreciates the Muffs, still has a soft spot for the Runaways. In one ear is a sweet, strident voice that can be lush and forlorn, both disappointed and hopeful. But when the speed comes, the guitars blister pop, roll out spools with barbs, and the drums crash and crumble in cascades. Think girl gangs in satin jackets (and two dudes) pull switchblades at a local bowling alley… then get really high in their basement and order delivery pizza. Knowing a wee bit of current New Jersey history helps. Miranda was in Hunchback and is now in Black Wine. Brian on guitar is now the vocalist for the Night Birds. Full Of Fancy broke up. Too bad. There’s a lot of depth on this record and it’s a good listen.

 –todd (No Breaks)