FUGAZI: Furniture + 2: CDEP

Aug 13, 2009

At first, I didn’t understand why Fugazi released an EP and a full-length album at the same time. Especially since there are no overlapping songs. When I listened to the full-length and the EP in order, it made perfect sense to me. While The Argument breaks off into new musical directions, Furniture + 2 is more reminiscent of Fugazi’s earliest stuff. All three songs have the driving rhythm section, the perfect melodies, and the moments when everything explodes that made 13 Songs such a great album. Listening to these new songs more than a decade after the first Fugazi album, it’s easy for me to see how I was so blown away by Fugazi in the first place. And I try to avoid talking about the lyrics because, well, if I go around quoting Fugazi lyrics, Jimmy Alvarado is gonna make fun of me. But when Ian asks “how many times have you felt like a bookcase… full of thoughts already written?” I actually do feel a connection. The tough thing about Fugazi is that so many bands have done such a bad job of ripping them off that it’s almost given Fugazi themselves a bad name. Then, this EP comes along and makes them impossible to discount.

 –sean (Dischord)

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