Jan 31, 2008

People deal with anger differently. Most people will let loose at the drop of a hat, and whether it’s because they’re stuck in traffic or because their toast is burnt, it rings kind of hollow. If they’re yelling about something meaningless, they probably get pissed off about all kinds of meaningless crap. But have you ever seen people who, instead of just flailing in frustration, just clench their teeth and hold it all back? You can see their eyes bulging and their blood boiling just beneath the surface, steam coming out of their ears just like in the cartoons. What’s my point? This is what drives Fucked Up’s music. It’s not particularly fast or “fuck the system”-y, but what they lack in speed and stereotypical punk rhetoric, they more than make up for in seething anger. It seems to pour out of them like sweat. Reference points are meaningless; they play the music that I’ve always wanted punk rock bands to play without actually realizing that I wanted punk rock bands to sound like this, if that makes any sense. And I don’t mean to slight Haymaker. They’re really good, more of a thrash band than Fucked Up, but I’d be lying if I said I was going to listen to them as much as Fucked Up.

 –josh (Deep Six)