FUCKED UP: Year of the Tiger: 12” EP

This is the fifth annual single from Fucked Up revolving around the Chinese Zodiac. Yet another sprawling affair, with layer upon layer of instrument tracks, the depth of sonic textures present is staggering when listened to closely. Vocalist Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham waxes poetic, making lyrical references to William Blake’s “The Tyger,” with support by Jim Jarmusch, and Annie-Claude Deschênes on back up vocals. While more measured and less urgent than any of the tracks on last year’s album David Comes to Life, I found “Year of the Tiger” to be among the most listenable of their zodiac singles. The B-side, “Onno” is a bit of drone-y, synth-y goodness for those into that sort of thing. Overall, this is recommended, but the diehard Fucked Up fans will be the ones to most appreciate it.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Matador)