FUCKED UP: Year of the Pig b/w The Black Hats: 7” (theoretically)

Sep 21, 2007

Dear Fuck Up’s publicist,

If you are going to release something on vinyl, send us the vinyl. Don’t send us a burned CD, rubber stamped on the top, because that makes us feel like second class citizens. I’d like to think that we’re equals here—not bands vs. reviewers—but all folks in a long conversation. No one here gets paid for their creative work, so it’d be real nice to have all the artwork and look at the pretty pictures when watching the vinyl spin. If you’ve got costs to cut, so be it—and I’m sure many other magazines will give you ink—but the music itself won’t be reviewed in Razorcake. We mention that at the beginning of every record review section in every issue of this zine, even with a band that I love, such as Fucked Up.


 –todd (Put your address on the packaging. I toss all the accompanying “This band is great” publicity hokum.)