FUCKED UP: Year of the Dragon: 12”EP

The first song is the right amount of gritty with a nice combination of guitar riffs and the bass having enough space to stand out before throwing it all in a Fucked Up blender. Serve iced and prepare for brain freeze. The second song’s ironically titled “Disorder,” but is exactly two minutes long and just a tad bit too simple and cookie cutter for me to get that into, but I can’t resist bobbing along to a well-played punk track. Then you flip the record and everything just goes wrong. It’s a different RPM so I’m already annoyed and is seventeen minutes long—further annoyed as I realize it’s just a bunch of dumb noise. Imagine if Pink Floyd songs never got to the good part and they just kept fucking around forever. This reminds me of how and why Fucked Up let me down by selling out and making crappy albums. You might want this, but probably not, if you already have Hidden World

 –Rene Navarro (Tankcrimes)