FUCKED UP: Year of the Dog: 12”EP

May 10, 2007

Okay, I admit, I was lured by the collectability and the packaging. It’s got a nice little paper ring around it, embossed in silver, a hand stamped label, and it’s Fucked Up, who I’m willing to go to great lengths to voice my support of. That’s the good news. The bad news? Two super-duper long, meandering songs recorded live (and not so well). (As opposed to the super long, but they pay off songs on Looking for Gold.) So, if you’ve got every single FU record except this one, knock yourself out. I ain’t stopping you. If you’re starting out, trying to get a grip on what to buy from their extensive catalog, there are many better places to start to really hear what force this band’s capable of. (I’m still real partial to the Baiting the Public 7”.)

 –todd (Blocks Recording Club)