FUCKED UP: Live: 12"

Jul 06, 2007

When I hear that there is a buzz on a band, a lot of times I look the other way. I can be a very selfish person and want to discover my own music. I have passed up many a good band because of their popularity. But I couldn’t hide from this one. I have bought most of their material for a friend in Finland but never had the inkling to take a sample. The only sample came off their appearance on the Toronto Omnibus comp. I liked what I had heard but could not get past my thick-headed ways and seek out more. By way of my brother, this was thrust upon me and I had to face this band head on. First off, I see that it was a live recording. Bias was building quickly and that was not on a positive note. But what the hey, it was on clear vinyl, one-sided, and was silk-screened on the record. The cover was also screened. The nerdiness inside was engorging from those points alone. The urge to put it away and never play it or to give it a spin was a tough choice. I gave in and pulled it out of its paper protection. First off, this sounds nothing like a live concert recording but a live recording in a studio on an audio eight track. Waves and waves of childhood memories flashed before my eyes. So raw. So pure. I was taken back in time to the birth of what some call hardcore. It was not a battle of who could play the fastest. It was every band playing what they thought was their interpretation of punk. I hate to use this analogy because so many people use this band like throw away toilet paper, but I have to reference this to the energy level of Black Flag. Also, I take elements of bands like Negative Approach, Offenders, and BGK to add to my description of what I hear. To record their stylings in a full-blown studio and dummying it down to sound more punk would have been a disservice. The in-studio live approach in audio is the perfect approach and medium to reproduce punk. To put this out on vinyl makes this even worthier. I have listened to this record more than five times and I have not grown tired. As things come full circle in terms of what comes around, this is a band that plays music that can stand the test of time.

 –don (Schizophrenic)