FUCKED UP: II: Cassette

Jul 03, 2009

This tape is so very, very great. It just blows my mind. I bought it when they played in Tijuana, in a room with no ventilation or windows above a café whose owner forced us to keep the door closed to control the noise. This tape will always remind me of that night. Listening to this on the drive home, it actually felt like they were live on air. They cover a Nirvana song, they talk mad shit beautifully, get interviewed in Spanish, and just rule as only they can. ¡Ghostface does a spot! This showcases their wild range, not only of musical ability, but of taste as well. It’s like a podcast from all around the world. There isn’t a band out there that can bring the brutal assault that these guys are still carrying around in that crowded van.

 –Rene Navarro (Deranged)