FUCKED UP: Glass Boys: 2 x LP

Total immersion. As Fucked Up continues to progress, you kind of fall intothe records. Hardcore elites may have given up at some earlier point, but I await every Fucked Up release with bated breath, from the Tommy hardcore opera of David Comes to Life to the noise B-sides of the Year of the … series. The new LPslow burns in the realm of those 12” singles first, then moves to parallel the intensity of classics like “Two Snakes” and “Crooked Head” with Glass Boys’ “The Art of Patrons” and “Warm Change.” The inclusion of a second “slow” copy of the same album seems like a hokey vinyl collector move at first, however listening to the same album with a completely different drumming speed is actually an interesting “artistic” foray. It does pose an issue when trying to choose which LP to lay down if you have favorite versions of songs on both records. If you’re ready to lose yourself for an hour or two, Glass Boys comes highly recommended. 

 –Matt Seward (Matador)