FUCKED UP: David's Town: LP

Jul 14, 2011

Fucked Up has become known for their unique vinyl-only releases, and David’s Town, is no exception. This is a concept record—with artwork making it look like a fake compilation—and the band doing garage rock in the personae of eleven bands. The fictional bands on this record are all from the fictional town Byrdesdale Spa, U.K.—setting for the narrative of their forthcoming LP David Comes to Life—with the title clearly a nod to the forthcoming LP. Keeping up the premise of a fake compilation, the eleven songs on this record all sound very different, recalling a slew of bands spanning the entire garage rock subgenre. Each song features a different vocalist or performer, with guest performances by Danko Jones, Dan Romano, The Cloud Nothings, and others. The songs are all catchy, with some great hooks and interesting riffs, each offering a distinct and unique sound, as though written by different bands—which is obviously the point. Those who think Fucked Up is just another hardcore band won’t really get this record, but that’s okay, it’s not for them. This record will appeal most to diehard Fucked Up fans, particularly those into their experimental side, and fans of garage rock. The curious should give this a try as well. They may be pleasantly surprised.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Matado)

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