FUCKED UP: Dangerous Fumes: 7”

Nov 08, 2006

I think it’s healthy thinking—really thinking—about rioting. And I’m not just talking about WTO rioting or Presidential Inauguration rioting. I’m talking about day-to-day rioting. Shaving off the rot. Rearranging all the pieces in your head: work, life, food, sleep, fun. Putting a spark plug to the gasoline of your most combustible thoughts. Riot the fuck out of the next bowl of oatmeal you eat. Riot with kindness. Riot on your bed, when you’re about to sleep. Yeah, it’s sometimes dumb. Yeah, it’s imperfect. But it’s something, even with its flaws, to stave off complacency. For me, Fucked Up have provided a soundtrack of songs that make me want to not give in. I bought this 7” during their last tour. It’s the Baiting the Public 7” completely repackaged (new song name, new acetate, new cover, new label that’s glued over a 45 hole, the whole deal), but it’s the same song with a little more guitar accompanying the horn at the very end. And because I think Fucked Up are a great band, I think it’s funny instead of getting the slightest bit pissed that I just spent some money on a record I already own. I highly suggest finding bands that make you want to riot, to keep you on your toes.

 –todd (Test Pattern)