FUCKED UP: Bonus Singles: 7”

Everyone who pre-ordered the latest Fucked Up LP David Comes to Life got a treat in the form of four limited 7”s. Three of the records have a song on each side, and the last one has one song for a total of seven songs worth of bonus material. While I don’t want to call any of these tracks rejects, there is an unevenness to some of them, which makes it understandable why they did not end up on the album itself. That said, the track “Octavio Made the Bomb,” was my favorite of the tracks on these singles, for its catchy riffs, but especially for its very meta lyrics describing how the album David Comes to Life came about. Overall, I feel these releases are more for diehard fans of the band, but are worth picking up if you come across them.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Matador)