FUCK YEAHS, THE: self-titled: 7”

Mar 15, 2008

Pop hardcore that’s nicely dented and sparking, like a muffler about to drop out of rusted-out Malibu, driving by a chemical plant that’s very vapors probably cause cancer and definitely cause stupidity. It’s “they had to have been kicked in the womb” punk. As with the Vindictives (instead of taking cues from the Beach Boys, they’re cribbing Pegboy and Effigies), The Fuck Yeahs leave an effect not unlike an over-the-counter medicine overdoses. Short songs, mood swings, and volatility. Beyond the huffing Testors ‘til your eyes bleed, living-with-your-mom-and-digging-it, shit-your-pants-and-smile flags they’re flying, this 7” is all welded and riveted together incredibly strong, like it was overseen by greater Midwestern forces of snow banks and subzero temperature. Takashi from Sweet JAP’s in it, too. (And, for some reason when listening to this band, I just realized if you add more letters to his name, it becomes Tak(e) A Shi(t).) Highly recommended. 

 –todd (Learning Curve)