Sep 17, 2015

I really wanted to hate this. It’s got that Fat Wreck pro-punk sound with the obnoxious kick and snare all over it (in point of fact, they have a line that goes “remember when partying used to be fun / we listened to NOFX ‘til the night was done,” eeesh, the horror!), a paradigm which has never done much for me. With the exception of two short betrayals of their core formula—”Motherfucker” and “Get Fucked”—EVERY SONG IS ABOUT PARTYING (that’s not entirely true. When the band is feeling introspective, they just sing about drinking, not partying), like Andrew W.K. fronting Masked Intruder or something. I was like, what the fuck, give review shit like this to someone who’s actually been to Warped Tour, not me, ya know? However, about four songs in, I decided I needed to kind of sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and just tip my cap to these guys, as they have executed their vision to perfection. The sound is flawless, if that’s what you’re into, and the energy level is top notch. If you really want to hear a twenty-five minute album of perfect Fat Wrecky-sounding songs about partying, drinking, and more partying, this is the archetype, now and forever, and may god have mercy on your soul and liver. Amen. BEST SONG: I dunno, I kind of liked the one about partying, myself. BEST SONG TITLE: “Dear Liver” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I really don’t ever remember seeing Busch cans on an album cover before. Ugh. 

 –norb (Encapsulated)