FÜTCHI PERF: $15, 6” x 9”, offset, 84 pgs

Nov 16, 2015

Kevin Czap skillfully melds Paul Pope’s pop futurism with Bob Fingerman’s candid day-to-day minutiae. The narrative is nonlinear and sometimes difficult to follow, but the images are poetry. The usage of blue and pink makes his lively characters jump off the page. Czap describes the comic as “queer sci-fi set in an optimistic future.” That’s perfect. This isn’t a dystopia. Rather, it is a story about young people coming together to make a connection and listen to live music. The sci-fi elements reinforce forward-thinking positivity. I just feel better after adopting the mind of a kid and spending time in the world of Fütchi Perf. –Sean Arenas (Kevin Czap, czapbooks.com)