FRUSTRATIONS: Negative Reflections: LP

Mar 21, 2012

For only three people, Frustrations crank out a massive sound. The guitar dominates with scratched strings, screeching blasts of feedback, and oscillating sounds. The songs go off into noisy jams that bring to mind early Sonic Youth (“No Repair” sounds like it could be the counterpart to SY’s “She Is Not Alone”), but instead of going over into completely art damaged territory, Frustrations keep everything planted firmly in rock (plus it helps when you have a drummer, like Scott Dunkerley, who can play well). At times, it’s near psychedelic, as with a song like “These Woods,” which starts off with a tense and dark mood, then picks up into something more “up” and moves with a nice groove before eventually collapsing into a mess of noise. The most straight forward song on here is “Confusion Kills”—though not really that “normal”—it goes straight to a fast pace and keeps on going to the end, with some noise thrown over the top for extra urgency. The only clunker on here is “Black Lighting,” which tends to run a bit too long. The one thing I would like for them to do is let their drummer swing more in the songs. Once that happens, look out!

 –M.Avrg (X!,