FRUIT PUNCH / YOUTH OF TOGAY: Limp Picnic: Split: 7”

Nov 24, 2009

My vote for “Most Juvenile” record of the year goes to this waste of oil here. Let’s break down the suckage: Both bands have terrible names. They alternate songs on both sides of a split record, which I find more annoying than the use of a kazoo on one of Youth Of Togay’s songs. The terrible artwork reminds us that there are so many things that can remind us of penises and testicles. As if some of us don’t already have them in our pants. There’s also a press sheet included. Yeah, that’s always a good sign. It’s quite a shame that Fruit Punch (who, musically, have more going for them) decided it was a good idea to pair up with a band full of jackasses in Youth Of Togay, a band who thinks that gay jokes and explicit lyrics are shocking/offensive. Or that somehow any of this is successful in making people aware of the homophobia and bigotry that makes hardcore punk an often close-minded genre when it should welcome punk kids of all kinds without prejudice. I’m not trying to be a PC blowhard here. I’m just saying that none of what they’re doing is funny or thought provoking. If not for Youth Of Togay’s participation in this record, I would have taken Fruit Punch more seriously. Avoid at all costs.

 –Juan Espinosa (FNS/Evil Squirrel,,