FROZEN TEENS: "Oakland" b/w "Footsteps": 7"

Jul 24, 2013

Expectations are venom stored in a jar and held up for clear display. Punk scenes have a way of ossifying, dinosauring themselves, against the best of intentions. It’s a brave thing to hear a band that is obviously pulling from contemporary, dark melodic punk but being more than a mirror or an echo to that music. While it’s not surprising that there is much music to mine from the past; what’s important is the deftness of translation, that the spark of creativity isn’t merely an illusion of the past becoming present. So when I say Joy Division, don’t think palsied, pantomimed, or dour-face put-on. Think sine/co-sine tension, carefully mapped sonic hills and valleys, patience, grey as an adaptable hue in the palette. This will help about five people, but fuck the metrics. Think Cat Party, Static Thoughts-era Estranged, and Synthetic ID put through the filter of “if the guys in the Ergs! pored over the Factory catalog instead of the SST catalog.” A keeper.

 –todd (Starcleaner)