FRONTLINE SOLDIERS: Oath of Loyalty: 7” EP

Ever fall in love with a band that never recorded? Or hear a comp with an amazing song from an artist that never put anything else out? Each and every subgenre of punk is full of lost bands and unreleased gems. The world of oi is no exception to that rule, especially since so many people move in and out of that hyper-specific subculture. Recorded around a decade ago, but not released until now, Oath of Loyalty collects all of the material Frontline Soldiers ever recorded, except for their legendary track on 2004’s Streets of America comp. Lean and mean, with a spirited hardcore slant, Frontline Soldiers owe a lot to their N.Y.C. brethren Oxblood. This fantastic EP is a time warp to the exciting oi/street punk revival boom of the 1990s. It’s frustrating to think of what other tapes are collecting dust in studios around the world. Now I’m getting nostalgic for records that don’t even exist. How fucking postmodern is that?

 –Art Ettinger (United Riot,