From The Graveyard Of The Arousal Industry: By Justin Pearson, 186 pgs. By Rene Navarro

Jul 30, 2010

This book is repetitive, makes a lot of statements in no way backed by text, and feels like it was written in random pieces before being assembled as the incoherent piece of work it is. Being from Tijuana /San Diego, I’ve seen the Locust lots of times, like, a lot. Why? Because I like going crazy, but, specifically, because I like the bands Justin Pearson books, tours with, and releases… more than the bands he’s actually been in. The music scene in San Diego is pretty tight knit, and to anyone not really aware of a lot of the bands he talks about, this book might read like a never-ending name drop, which it kind of is. While this guy has done a great deal for hardcore and punk music through his label, bands, and booking, I don’t feel this book is on par with even the shittiest Locust 7”. At least those were over really fast and could be pulled off better live. Read out loud, this would just sound like every guy who can spend hours walking you through every shitty relationship he’s been in, his family drama, his band drama, and why every conflict he’s in is not his fault. The only parts I found truly enjoyable were either about shows I went to or Tijuana, and I enjoyed the memories much more than the mediocre-at-best writing. Rene Navarro (Soft Skull Press, 2117 Fourth St., Suite D, Berkeley, CA94710)


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