Jul 03, 2009

I honestly thought this day might never come. After the quiet dissolution of Requiem, whose Storm Heaven LP remains one of my favorite crust records of the past ten years, I feared there might never be another post-Catharsis project to quench my thirst for melodic, melodramatic hardcore. Then, on one of my increasingly less-frequent trips to the Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective website I saw it: a new music release. There was little time between realizing Brian’s involvement in this new project and my purchase of Germinate. And while From the Depths takes a decidedly Crass-ier approach than Catharsis or Requiem, the essential elements are still in place. The theatrical, poetic lyrics; Brian’s seething growl coupled with soaring female vocals; typical, melodic D-Beat portions; it’s everything I could’ve hoped for. Essentially, if you liked Requiem, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Likewise, if you’ve got a Flux Of Pink Indians patch on your filthy jacket, you’ll probably be pretty stoked. I certainly am.

 –Dave William (Crimethinc)