Oct 16, 2008

From Ashes Rise: Today, I drove my truck around to do some errands. To get to the photocopy place, I have to go through one of those up-scale outdoor malls/slash renovated downtown commerce places, and From Ashes Rise was awesome for that. It was like a movie, seconds before the apocalypse. Instead of taking at face value the shiny people with bits of plastic sewn under their skin, I could imagine the decay, the bombs ripping the place apart. It made me smile. And even though it was just a play in my mind, it made me feel better that music could dominate and bring the storm clouds, through the heat, and take out a Cheesecake Factory. For a more technical take on the band, see the upcoming review for their upcoming full-length, Nightmares. Victims: I probably would like this band loads more if From Ashes Rise didn’t just waylay me. They’re actually pretty good, like a pipe to the knee from a passing car. They have a lot in common with fellow Swedes, Skitsystem, with the throttle twisted and shouting in full effect. It’s furious and straight-forward, but the drummer hits his limits when they go full bore. I also hear a bunch of Motorhead in the bass – that chugga chugga, train derailing into a house of nails type deal. Not a bad split, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that From Ashes Rise is going to get more play.

 –todd (Havoc)