Aug 26, 2009

Sweet holy hell, From Ashes Rise have always been able to assemble full arsenal hardcore. Nightmares is no exception. Similar in their placement of the audio claymore to musical brethren, Tragedy, the vocals are just on this side of hysteria, they intertwine spools of barbed wire guitars, and the drumming seems to permeate everything like some fuck-you-up biological warfare gas. What’s hooked me on From Ashes Rise is no matter where I hear them, dark clouds seem to form from their heaviness. It’s not all doom and gloom, actually, and I find myself grinning along quite often because their science is so fucking tight. I think for brief seconds that From Ashes Rise makes songs that could literally, and instantly, change people’s lives, just like a car accident. Think of the best of both Black Sabbath and Seein’ Red welded together like a new monster that’s got new tricks up its sleeve and old scars to show you what it’s been through. That said, Nightmares differs noticeably from the recently released split they did with Victims on Havoc Records. From Ashes Rise’s side of the split was more dedicated to setting a tone and establishing a definite atmosphere. Epic without the cheese, like watching dust settle after a bomb blast. This album seems to be about direction – heading somewhere fast while trampling bodies underneath. If you’re new to From Ashes Rise, I suggest getting them both and listening to them back to back. That’ll be a mighty fine block of time listening to music. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Jade Tree)

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