FRISK, THE: Rank Restraint: CD

Aug 13, 2009

This rocks! Adeline is where it’s at! True story: I put this on without even looking at it, and was gonna write a review saying something like, this rocks, but that guy is completely ripping off Jesse Luscious. Then, I picked up the liner notes, and I discovered that Jesse Luscious was, in fact, the singer! Would I ever pass up a chance to prove my stupidity and humiliate myself in print? Nope! This is poppy and rockin’ and reminds me a little of the Criminals. Plus they cover “Know Your Rights” with additional lyrics! And Jesse Michaels co-writes some of the songs! All right! If this were a cereal, it would be Honey Nut Cheerios—always a reliable and rockin’ choice for your breakfast meal!

 –maddy (Adeline)