Jan 24, 2008

(Note: The first two references in the upcoming review were in mind prior to the reviewer looking at the CD insert and seeing a) the Aaron Cometbus-style graphics and b) a band member named Paddy.) There are many places in this world in which people revere the early less-than-poppy East Bay/Lookout releases and, in forming their own bands, attempt to infuse such sounds with a more contemporary Dillinger 4 style. It is within these circles that The Guilt will be very well received. They will love this scruffy, melodic post-hardcore with gruff vocals and goofy-on-the-outside-earnest-on-the-inside lyrics. Those of us who favor half or neither of those influences (I’ll sign up for D4, pass on the inconsistent early East Bay/Lookout) will likely shrug with indifference.

 –Mike Faloon (Hide Away)